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By Harry A. Wolfson

Some of the most vital books on Spinoza within the English language; a piece by means of part remark at the Ethics.

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Aggregation of notes swarming with references to assets of texts, to p a r e n t a g e s of principles, to conflicts of reviews, and to diversities of interpretations, all of t h e m r e a d y to come back u p to the outside, each time the party a£0se, a n d take their position within the photograph In our undertaking to retrace the stairs of Spinoza's reasoning, we m u s t , hence, to begin with, equip ourselves with an analogous f u n d of data, or philosophical mass of apperception, because it m a y be known as W i t h such an apperceptive mass as our e q u i p m e n t we commence to learn the Ethics W i t h o u t forcing ourselves to u n d e r s t a n d the publication, we enable its propositions p e n e t r a t e into o u r · accrued f u n d of knowfedge and through the n a t u r a l means of organization and allure develop into encrusted with phrases, words, and ideas o u t of the storehouse of our m e m o r y A t first those encrustations are indistinguishable and shapeless clumps, clinging to the propositions as bits of scrap-iron hang to a m a g n e t B u t then we permit our brain play upon t h e m — to scrutinize them and to s t u d y them B y the catalytic motion of the brain those indistinguishable and shapeless clumps start to dissolve, they start to crew tKemselv. es, to solidify themselves into higher devices, to turn into differentiated f r o m one another, to imagine shape, and u l t i m a t e l y to crystallize themselves into precise issues of recognizable histoncal difficulties of philosophy T h u s on the very o u t s e t of the Ethics, Proposition I, including Definitions I I I and V ^ n d Axioms I and that i I upon which it's dependent, emerges as a unique subject on its own, which we label the definition of substance and mode T h e subsequent 5 propositions, II-. VI, crystallize themselves right into a. dialogue of the u n i t y of substance, m a d e u p of 2 historic difficulties, the u n i t y of God and construction. Propositions V I I - X and X I I - X I I I form themselves right into a dialogue of 3 heavily comparable issues below the final h e a d i n g of the Simplicity of Substance, and wedged in be- 4 ·‫י‬ THE PHILOSOPHY OF SPINOZA tween t h e m is Proposition X I , the place t h e time period " s u b s t a n c e " offers w a y to the time period " G o d " , this can be simply famous as a dialogue of the conventional proofs of the lifestyles of God. N e x t stick with propositions, X I V and X V , which take care of the a t t r i b u t e s of extension and t h o u g h t , and a Scholium, which offers with the infinity of extension T h e r e m a i n i n g propositions of the 1st P a r t of the Ethics r e a d i l y g r o u p themselves i n t o discussions of t h e a number of m e a n i n g s of the causality of G o d , between which Spinoza dwells particularly u p o n the i m m a n e n c e , f r e e d o m , necessity, and purposelessness 1 of G o d ' s causality. I n the second one P a r t of t h e Ethics the propositions fall into the conventional define of the dialogue of the soul, dealing within the traditional order and m a n n e r with the definition of the soul, its relation to the physique, and the type of its colleges T h e final 3 p a r t s of the Ethics take care of w h a t is t r a d i t i o n a l l y ok n o w n as sensible philosophy as c o n t r a s t e d w i t h the theoretical philosophy of the 1st p a r t s , dealing successively w i t h the issues of the sentiments, virtues, and the ultimate happiness of m a n As o u r m j n d scrutinizes nonetheless f u r t h e r those teams of propositions it discovers t h a t t h e y persist with one u p o n the o t h e r in response to a definite order of series, that is right away intrinsically logical and e x t n n s i c a l l y in c o n f o r m i t y with historic p a t terns.

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